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Our industry has changed. We’re no longer in the B2B networking business; instead, we make human-to-human (H2H) connections happen

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Our mission at Private Luxury Events is to make business joyful. We utilise technology to help make stronger connections and better relationships. As experts in bringing the right people together, we love helping the world’s leading players in luxury travel build the valuable relationships that transform businesses and change worlds.

Our vision & mission

We’ve been transforming travel networking since 2006, when we revolutionised the traditional tradeshow by balancing one-to-one meetings with shared networking experiences. We’ve been evolving ever since, bringing innovation, creativity, and imagination to the format, content, and style of our events.

Our story

A global team made up of travel industry experts. Spread across several continents, we are able to support the luxury travel community with our regional expertise. 

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